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Kym Tuvim: Guestbook

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September 23, 2016

I have been listening to your music for a few years. I love your music, and play it often on my radio show. when emily kurn visited me she said how much she loves your music too.
cool bro , ,

Kelley Toppin

December 20, 2011

Hello Kym,
I really don't quite know what to say so I will speak from the heart. I feel most inspired when listening to your music. You have such an amazing talent! I would love to hear you live so if you're ever performing in the Washington Metropolitan area (DC, MD, VA) I will definately be there! Take care.

Chrystina from the Midwest

September 14, 2011

Missing you! Thought I'd drop you a line. Would love to hear some new music....? Hope youare well!
-much love


June 27, 2011

We miss you down here in Portland!


March 6, 2011

Just heard your music for the first time. Love it! When are you coming to Portland?

David L

January 26, 2011

Every time I hear your music, and I mean every single time... I am completely stunned out of the daily trundling routine and brought to a state of deep emotion and pure joy. Thanks ;)

David Lorenz

November 28, 2010

How is the season? Hope you are well. Lets try to connect soon. Coffee (tea) will be on me.


cheri snook

November 27, 2010

Hi Kym-

I have been listening to your music for a few years. I love your music, and play it often on my radio show. when emily kurn visited me she said how much she loves your music too.
please send any new music my way. I only have one cd. I play it over and over, actually I'm looking for lyrics to some songs to send into the prison for peace of mind and comfort..
Love your voice.
Thank you so much for your heart music to heal.

Jeff Duncan

November 10, 2010

Thank you for sharing your gift! You inspire!

Darin Lang

January 9, 2010

I love your music Kym. I'm so glad you stumbled across me and brought yourself to my attention.

I want to come see you live so please, please let me know when you are playing anywhere from Portland to Bellingham.

bliss and blessings to you in this new chapter of your life. my thoughts are with you.


December 26, 2009

Heard "The more I see you" on Folkalley...
...your voice...mmm...also never heard the song arranged like this. All the best
W., Germany


November 12, 2009

I really enjoyed listening to your music. Incredibly insightful. I hope to see you soon.

Great music.


November 3, 2009

could you BE any more gorgeous???
doubt it.
love you, my sweet friend!
oxoxo e


November 1, 2009

I'm looking forward to your house concert with Richard Middleton on Nov 21st!

Jay Boatright

October 13, 2009

I heard your music in the background of NPR yesterday. It struck me. I have bought all three albums through Rhapsody now, and I'm hooked. How fantastically revealing you are!

Chelsea Bolliger

October 12, 2009

Hello Kym,

I heard you on NPR this morning here in Boise Idaho. Your music and voice are amazing. I also appreciated your views on the music machine that rates songs on whether they are "platinum" quality. It is good to know that there are artists like you out there. Thanks for the music.

~Chelsea B.

roberta donnay

July 9, 2009

hi kym!
so great to see your beautiful site! and new record - congratulations on everything!
been a long time..
i've been touring w/dan hicks
and singing jazz, writing for film
etc.. very very good. all good
hope to see you sometime in person!

Chris Birdsong

July 9, 2009

You look great. I'm so happy for you that you are happy.

Don't know if you remember me from the year you came to SUUSI, but I'm the massage therapist.

Be well.
Make music.
Never stop.

Andrea Heuston

April 30, 2009

Hi Kym!
I'd love to see you perform again! Let me know when you have new engagements on your calendar. It's been too long!


Bridgette S. (Rachel's sis)

January 26, 2009

Kym, Wow! Beautiful! Pure! & Wow! It has been too long since we've seen you perform. I love your new stuff, just as much if not more than the previous. You've grown...

Kirsten Liske

January 7, 2009

I just pulled out your self titled album i've had for years and cannot even recall how I came to to possession of. Thank goodness for the internet! i got curious as to if you were still up to music magic and am so glad to see you are! I ordered your latest pronto and can't wait to hear it. Keep on keepin on.

David Lorenz

October 22, 2008

Keep up the brilliant work, the amazing sounds, and all you give. It is so nice to hear you again... not sure where I have been that I could have overlooked you for so many years.

August 30, 2008

Kim's music has touched my heart since.I am going to order your album and feel our home and heart with your voice and music. Love you Dory Tuvim


July 29, 2008

CDBaby just emailed me today suggesting your music - I LOVE IT!
I came to your website to see if I could get the CD here (you know, cut out the middle man - more $$$ for the artist) but alas! Back to CDBaby I go.
Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear more soon.
BTW- I think you would be perfect for

Paula J. Botch

March 22, 2008

Kym - Just a note of thanks for a fabulous time at the Bull Run in Shirley, Massachusetts, on February 28! My husband Johnny and I were among the "lucky 7" who were there that cold New England night. We were treated to a delightful, cozy evening with you, Liz Stahler, and Rebecca Katz -- all of you mega-talents!! What a fun and intimate night with such beautiful music and crazy banter with us and each other. I LOVE your new CD and hope to see you again one of these days! All my best wishes. --paula

Adrienne Adnerson

February 28, 2008

Hi Kym,
LOve it!!!!LOve it!!!! LOve it!!!! We met at the post office on 38th st. Last were leaveing for the east coast..I hope you made it there safely....I love your voice. It very soothing and melodic. All the best.

paul bellefeuille

February 28, 2008

Hello Kym,
I just heard your performance on WUMB and was moved by your performance so much so that I had to write to you.
Please keep writing those great songs!
Sorry that you got lost in Boston..I always do too..and I used to work at WUMB!

Marisa Amaya

January 12, 2008

dear auntie Kymmie, I miss you.Love, MARISA


January 8, 2008

All i can say is WOW. I am amazed. This is incredible work.


November 17, 2007

I loved your music at SUUSI (2007) and bought one CD. I wish I had bought them all.


October 23, 2007

Hi, I love your website! I think I heard your music the first time about a year or two ago. A friend of mine from an Ani Difranco website sent me your cd as a gift, and I must say that was a GREAT gift. I'm completely in love with your voice. It's amazing. As long as you're singing, I'll be listening. Take care of you!


pat wodaege

October 19, 2007

Kym! Why isn't your myspace updated??! Long time no see. Hope all is well & we really go for a walk soon :)

Nici Haltenhoff Duarte

September 19, 2007

Hey Baby! It has been a long time. I missed you at the 20th. A lot of people asked after you. I sent them to your website.

Your voice is so awesome! I love the inflections. I am still singing and now working on the Git-fiddle. I hope to catch you in Gilroy.


p.s. Billy Joel all the way!

Jennifer From Kinko's

August 21, 2007

I decided to take a look at your web site! Looks good! Hope your doing okay.


July 25, 2007

Loved, loved, loved being introduced to your music at SUUSI this week. Listening to your clips now takes me back to that so right place. Much success to you!

Todd Akers

July 24, 2007

Long Live the Flying Monkeys!

Flying Monkey Reunion Tour 2008

Coming to Radford, VA

Mike Franke

July 23, 2007

Saw you at the UU church in Roanoke yesterday, and I'm listening to you now at work. Thanks so much for your music. I've let music slip from my life over the years, and you've inspired me again.

michele kovach

July 16, 2007

thanks for sending me your new cd its awesome,love your voice sista,sincerly michele.

eric petersen

July 16, 2007

great songs Kym,
Excellent airy recording ! I'll buy a copy when it comes out.


May 26, 2007

such a gift....


E. O.

March 18, 2007

Can't wait to hear the new CD...I absolutely LOVE your voice! You rock, Kym! You should send a copy to for a CD review.

margaret santoyo

March 18, 2007

would like to know when you'll be in Tacoma clubs. Thanks

Martin van de Vrugt

February 7, 2007

Hi Kym, I'm sitting here kind'a paralyzed behind my computer and between the speakers. Kym in my ears..., tears in my eyes...
Shout it around the world when your new album is ready!

Danny Godinez

January 28, 2007

Hi Kym,
The pre-release mixes are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us. Look forward to the new album.

Friend & Fan,
-danny godinez

Randy Sherry

October 11, 2006

Hi, Its your long lost cousin Randy, Long time Kym. You music is incredible, powerful! and your voice is hypnotic, I always enjoyed when you used to come out to The San Fernando Valley and sing to us kids Randy, Steve and Mike..
Your cousin and Fan..Randy

fran snyder

July 24, 2006

Kym is quickly garnering a reputation as one of the best "house concert acts" around.

Fran Snyder


July 16, 2006

hi, kymm
just left your myspace page. love your music and this website, too. hope you come over to the washington, dc area soon. would love to see your live act.
peace, --steve

J. W. Lenoir

June 25, 2006

I enjoyed browsing around your web site.

I'm with Jessica Culpepper Music, BMI.
We have pitched songs to movie and television producers, for several years. We're beginning to pitch to advertising agencies, as well. We do not pitch to record companies.

If publishing is negotiable on some of your original songs, feel free to send a hard copy for review.

Please do not email songs or direct us to a web site. Each writer is reviewed by more than one person and several of us review during our daily commutes.

Our postal mailing address is

Jessica Culpepper Music, BMI
11853 Lebanon Road, Suite "F"
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Please put all songs on one CD. Please mark your package, "Attention: J. W. Lenior"

Hans York

June 11, 2006

Love the new pictures Kym - they are so sweet. It's great to see you smiling and sharing your music all over the US. Looking forward to our show at the Tractor on Thursday.

hugs and kisses



June 10, 2006

Thanks to everyone for their very kind comments!! I wish there was a way to write back to each of you, but please know that I so appreciate every word of encouragement and support!
Much love,


May 12, 2006

I saw you last weekend at Cafe Fantastique. What a great performer you are. Good luck. Great to see you.

Melissa Lewis

May 1, 2006

Girl -- YOU ROCK! So glad I stumbled upon your music -- keep up the work -- you are staying very busy I see. Best of luck with everything you have going on --

all the best

Dory Tuvim

January 23, 2006

Hi Kym.
It's long since I spoke to you.Last November We have moved from BC to Ontario and at the moment I'm in Saskatchewan doing my music...hence the containers.I took the opportunity to open my lap top and listen to your beautiful voice and it touched me deeply. Way back then in the 50's, when I was sailing with the Israeli frighters I met our great cousin Judy Holiday how wonderful it is to know that our great family brought to the world talents that leave impression for ever. Since once in my busy life time I have installed a proper sound system and discoverd the wonders of the computer, I am going to order your album and feel our home and heart with your voice and music. Love you Dory Tuvim


January 20, 2006

Hey Kym! Just discovered your music. Miss NZ recommeded I check out your music. Lovin' it!!! Can't wait to hear more. I hope your travels take you to Minnesota again in the future 'cause I'll be there!
Best - Cindy

Kym Marshall

January 7, 2006

You stole my name!


January 3, 2006

so when are you hittin' the east coast again? we're still waitin' for our pajama party tour, kym. s. and the puppies bought a new house in baltimore and its dying for a house concert "break in" session. we gots to break it in!


December 30, 2005

heyho kim
i just stumbled across your page by a link at ellis homepage and i have to say that i´m really amazed by the sound of your music.
i´m not good defining the different styles of music but to my idiot ears your songs partly sound a little like country...and i usually dislike country but the way you use it is!

love from germany!


December 27, 2005


your site looks beautiful beautiful. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by to check it out and it's amazing.
Love you love you love you


December 3, 2005

I play your CDs often and think of those aimless drives we took where we would just get in the car and go. I hope your touring is going well and you're happy, healthy, and singing more of your great music.

Best Wishes,
Seattle, WA

Seth Horan

October 29, 2005

One day, we will meet. Or play together, or something. And that will be a phenomenal day, because your songs move me so much, and pretty much nobody does that anymore. You also seem to know and like all the people in our little songwriter community that I think the world of, so you, m'dear, have got to be as good as the term "good people" gets.

be well...

Seth :]


October 23, 2005

DIG the ORANGE. Kym you rock!


October 21, 2005

Very nice darlin'... big love from the Bluegrass state.

Alicia Dara

October 20, 2005

Kim's music has touched my heart since 1999. She's even more gifted now than she was then, with her lush voice and terrific charisma. In ten years time we will call her a national treasure, so get out and see her asap!


October 12, 2005

Kym, Great performance on the Nemo festival in Cambridge,MA! You're absolutely right about the drivers and weather here. I like your music, beautiful songs.


October 10, 2005

Beautiful site, and you can never go wrong with orange


October 7, 2005

kym, i love the bio. it's bee-u-tee-ful and oh so true


October 7, 2005

Ooooh... pretty.

Laurie Amaya

October 7, 2005

LOVE IT--love the orange! Can you come to my house for a private concert for my 6 year old's birthday? I can't pay much but I'm a good cook unless my sister is cooking and she's even better than me. lta